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In today’s article I want to introduce you to my new affiliate partner. Supplement Union is the name of the dietary supplement brand and Bodybuilding Depot of the shop *. In this, the own brand products from our own production are mainly offered.

In this article I want to tell you how this cooperation came about and why I am very happy about it. I will explain to you exactly why I am so convinced of the products of this manufacturer and retailer and how the partnership will specifically affect the blog (spoiler: most will hardly notice it). In addition, I will introduce you to my favorite Supplement Union products and you will also receive an exclusive discount code for the Bodybuilding Depot online shop ( jump to discount code ).

By the way, don’t let the name put you off. Bodybuilding Depot is nowhere near just for bodybuilders. Here you will find the most important supplements that make sense for every fitness athlete.

Why am I presenting the cooperation with Supplement Union here?

I have already concluded several (smaller) affiliate partnerships. I have also been connected to the Amazon partner network for quite a while. So why do I now present this cooperation in a separate article?

I was not paid by Bodybuilding Depot that I am writing this article. I’m doing this to let you, my reader, know what’s going on behind the scenes.

An important reason that I am writing an extra article about this cooperation is that I have been absolutely convinced of this manufacturer’s products for years. I am therefore very happy that the partnership came about. In addition, the impact on the blog will probably be a bit bigger than with previous individual collaborations, but more on that later.

How the affiliate cooperation with Bodybuilding-Depot came about

I receive cooperation requests from various brands and manufacturers every day. However, I only recommend products that I really stand behind, that I use or have used myself and of whose quality I am convinced. For this reason, I cancel 99% of these requests without any further discussions.

It was completely different here and I had to take action myself. I contacted Andre (the managing director) for the first time over three years ago and asked him about a possible collaboration. At this point he was not yet interested in a partnership.

If you have already read some articles here on the blog, you will have noticed that Supplement Union is one of the manufacturers I recommend by far the most. I will explain why this is so in the next section. Now it is the case that the products on Amazon are still a bit more expensive than in your own bodybuilding depot shop *.

I put a lot of time and work into this blog and affiliate income as well as the income from the sale of my book The Bastard Killer enable me to run Fitvolution at this level.

The products offered by Supplement Union on Amazon still have a very good price / performance ratio. I also know that many people generally only order from Amazon. Nevertheless, I wanted to enable my readers to order even cheaper directly from the manufacturer, preferably even cheaper than everyone else, without having to forego my affiliate income.

After several attempts I was recently finally able to convince Andre to work with me as one of the first affiliate partners. I even negotiated an exclusive bodybuilding depot discount code with which my readers can get an extra discount on the already very low prices ( jump to the discount code ).

Why I am so convinced of the products from Supplement Union

I have been consuming Supplement Union products regularly for over 10 years and have only had positive experiences with them since then. Since I’ve repeatedly recommended the products privately and also via the blog, I’ve always been a bit of a brand ambassador. In my opinion, there are mainly the following reasons in favor of Supplement Union and Bodybuilding Depot:

1) You order directly from the manufacturer at Bodybuilding-Depot

Most of the supplement companies do not have their own production, but buy their product from a contract manufacturer. Supplement Union is itself the manufacturer of most of the products in the range. These products are sold directly to you as the end customer via the Bodybuilding Depot online shop.


The shortest possible value chain saves costs without compromising on quality. Here unnecessary middlemen are simply eliminated, which ultimately only cost you as a customer money.

2) You have absolute transparency about the ingredients

At Supplement-Union there are no ingredients secrets. There is no mention of any mysterious blends here. You really find out exactly what is in the product and how much of it. Apart from the fact that it is mostly very pure products with few ingredients (without unnecessary additives), the manufacturer is also very transparent about what is really in his products.

3) Supplement Union produced in Germany

Supplement-Union produces the vast majority of its products itself in Germany. “Made in Germany” is really at work here and the product is not only packaged and labeled in Germany. For many products, the raw materials are already obtained from German raw material manufacturers.

This is explicitly stated for products where this is not the case. At the top of the item description is always exactly described which stations the product has gone through. It says where the raw material comes from and where and how it was processed. I find this transparency exemplary.

4) Regular, independent quality controls

Quality is a top priority at Supplement Union and this can be objectively confirmed on a regular basis. The products are regularly tested by independent laboratories and the results are published in the Bodybuilding Depot Shop.

5) Absolutely affordable prices with volume discounts

The prices in the bodybuilding depot are very cheap anyway. I looked around and do not think that the most important products (especially the protein powder) are of comparable quality and are regularly available elsewhere for a cheaper price. I have already briefly explained to you how this works.

But that’s not all. You can save even more when you buy more. With graduated prices you can get larger quantities a little cheaper.

At WPC-80 whey protein *, of which I need the most, I have already bought the 20 kilogram sack, for example. Here you only pay € 10.95 for the kilo. You won’t get high quality whey protein anywhere else at such a price. The less than 15 € per kilogram for the two kilo can are already damn cheap.

I admit that this is really a huge amount that lasts for almost half a year for me. However, I think it makes more ecological sense because you save a lot of packaging. In fact, I’ve already shared the bag with friends.


You can get such a product at such a low price Definitely nowhere else!

And with my code there is also another 5% extra discount on it. 😉

Also, Supplement Union invests very little money in advertising and sponsorship. The brand has not worked with influencers at all and now only works with very few, selected bloggers and influencers. I’m happy to be one of them.

Exclusive bodybuilding depot discount code

I have also received an exclusive discount code for the Bodybuilding Depot Online Shop *, which I can pass on to you for your future orders. With the code Fitvolution5 there is another 5% extra discount on the already very low prices. This code is also always valid in addition to all offers and promotions there.

I’m particularly happy about that, as there haven’t been many bloggers and influencers with this type of code. With this I can give you another price advantage through the cooperation. Incidentally, there are no major discount codes at Bodybuilding Depot.

Simply at the end of the order for bodybuilding -Enter the Fitvolution5 deposit and save another 5% extra

How will the partnership with Supplement Union actually work?

I have already recommended Supplement Union products whenever it made sense. I will continue to do so. You can now alternatively get the products with a link directly from the manufacturer at an even lower price with my voucher code. Nevertheless, I will continue to offer the Amazon link as an alternative where it makes sense, as I know that some people only order their products there because they trust the retailer.

I will also recommend a few products, such as the training booster from Supplement Union ( Synforce-Matrix *), which are not available from Amazon, where it makes sense in terms of content.

From time to time I will use my social media channels to point out particularly good offers at Bodybuilding-Depot and report on them when I have ordered a few new supplements there.

Perhaps I will place an advertising banner in some articles on a trial basis. I’m currently still thinking about that.

That was actually it and you shouldn’t have noticed anything more from the cooperation. It is also very important to me that you, as my reader, have some advantages and no disadvantages from the partnership and I think that this applies here. 🙂

My favorite products from the bodybuilding depot shop

Finally, I would like to briefly introduce you to my five favorite Supplement Union products in the Bodybuilding Depot online shop.

1) S.U. WPC 80 Whey Concentrate

I actually order the WPC 80 from Supplement Union the most and mainly use it for my protein shake after training. I either drink it or pour it over a large bowl with my beloved chocolate crunchy muesli.

The WPC 80 is a high-quality, carefully processed protein concentrate completely produced in Germany. It is characterized by very good solubility and a complete and unchanged whey protein. The unflavoured variant does not contain any additives and it contains almost 80% pure protein.

2) S.U. CAS 90 Casein Protein

I also consume pure casein from Supplement Union very regularly. This is not a micellar casein , but a calcium caseinate of the highest purity. The solubility in milk and water is also good, but it is a little thicker.

The nutritional values ​​are gigantic. The tasteless variant has a protein content of over 90% and no ingredients except casein.

The casein makes you full for a relatively long time and the protein is absorbed by your body with a delay. I use this powder to mix my breakfast shakes with coffee and some milk. In the diet, I also like to use it as a shake in between. The CAS 90 is also very suitable for baking as a low carb flour substitute . That’s why I always have a can in the office and at home in the kitchen.

3) S.U. Fantastic multi-component protein

I haven’t consumed this protein powder as often myself. However, I see absolutely the advantages here if you don’t feel like having several different protein powders in the cupboard. If you are looking for the best possible all-rounder, Fantastic Protein is the right one for you. It consists of 60% whey protein and 40% casein protein. So you have a mix of quickly available and slowly digestible proteins. The price / performance ratio is unbeatable here (especially with the neutral taste).

The consistency is somewhere in the middle between the WPC 80 and the CAS 90 and it is also suitable for baking (although not quite as good as the CAS 90).

4) Synforce Matrix training booster

Actually, this booster is nothing special. Basically everything is included that I would expect from an ordinary asslrounder Pre Workout Booster . The ingredients are presented transparently and make sense.

With 200 milligrams of caffeine per serving, he pushes me quite well and with the 7.5 grams of citrulline malate he also gives me a really decent pump. You can include the creatine monohydrate contained in the daily dose.

No experiments with questionable ingredients are made here. You get a booster that is not fancy and where you know what you are getting.

It is a low-carb formula. There is no need to save on this booster in the diet.

5) Royal Flavor powder

Last but not least, probably the best flavor powder on the market. In my opinion, the flavor powder is far superior to all drops because it can be used in a lot more diverse ways. At Supplement Union a lot of time and energy is invested in creating the best and always new flavors. With now over 70 (!!!) flavors, the selection is really unmatched. There really is something for everyone.

I always buy my protein powders tasteless and have a whole collection of Royal Flavor powdered flavorings on the shelf. So I have as much variety as I want with my protein shakes and only have to have one protein powder open. I can also mix the taste as intensely as I like. Many ready-made protein powders are simply too sweet for me. By the way, I get a good 100 servings from a 250 gram can, because I’m quite economical and don’t like it that sweet and intense.

But the Flavor Powder can also be used for so much more. For example, I put it in the quark, use it for baking and sometimes I also make a pinch of it in my coffee.

Info for all sweetener critics: The flavor powder is free from aspartame and sodium cyclamate and is only sweetened with the harmless sweetener sucralose.

By the way, my taste favorites are:

  • Peanut Cookies
  • White Chocolate
  • Chocolate Cocos
  • Jamaica Sun
  • Hazelnut – walnut – almond
  • Vanilla – roasted almond

My conclusion on the cooperation with Supplement Union and Bodybuilding-Depot

Hopefully you are looking forward to the new cooperation with me and I was able to convey to you why I chose Supplement Union as a partner.

I think that I can offer you as my reader some advantages with this. I can continue to recommend first-class products that I absolutely stand for. I can now recommend this to you in many cases at an even lower price.

With every purchase of dietary supplements from Bodybuilding-Depot, you not only support my blog, but also save a lot of money directly from the manufacturer and with my code Fitvolution5 at the same time.

So the next time you need protein powder or other food supplements, take a look at the Bodybuilding Depot Online Shop *.

By the way, with every order from Bodybuilding-Depot you always have the option to enter products (and flavors) that you would like to try in the comment field. Of course, you shouldn’t be too greedy, but they usually pack three or four samples for you.

Have fun with your next order at Bodybuilding-Depot! And don’t forget to enter the code Fitvolution5 . 😉

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