Finally get fit – 7 steps to better fitness

Again and again I meet people who just want to get fit. Your goal is not necessarily to gain muscle mass or to lose weight quickly. They just want to finally get fit.

Do you recognize yourself in this resolution? Then this article might be just right for you.

Here I want to dedicate myself to the process of getting fit and convey to you the seven steps that I am convinced will lead you to a successful implementation if you implement them consistently.

Get fit, what does that actually mean?

Let’s first clarify what is actually behind the plan to get fit. The question of what fitness actually is was one of my first blog articles.

The (abbreviated) Fitvolution Fitness definition developed on the basis of various definitions is:

  • State of physical fitness and health
  • Can be improved and maintained through targeted training and nutrition
  • An individually perceived state that is based on personal goals
  • A multidimensional construct consisting of the following dimensions:
  • Force
  • Agility
  • Speed ​​
  • Perseverance
  • Health / Wellbeing

In contrast to getting sporty , the resolution to get fit is not necessarily to be understood in connection with a sport, but rather in relation to general fitness.

How you define the fitness you want to achieve for yourself is highly individual. If you want to get fit, you should first define for yourself (depending on the dimensions) what that actually means.

How to get (ter) fit – seven steps to better fitness

As soon as you have defined for yourself what the intention to get fit means for you, you can now deal with the right procedure.

The following seven steps offer a very good orientation. You have already helped many people to approach their goals in an orderly manner and to achieve them. The overall concept behind it also plays a decisive role in my book The Scheinehund-Killer , which should help you to achieve each of your goals faster and easier.

1) Set yourself a goal

You have already thought about what it means for you to get fit. Now you should think about what is the most specific goal possible in this context that you think is achievable and really want to achieve. Find a specific thing that you can ultimately check objectively and commit yourself to it.

Even if you just want to get fit, you should now decide on one first thing to pursue. Without such a goal, you will let go of your energy in an uncontrolled manner and ultimately you will not make efficient progress

When setting and defining your goal, the right goal formulation (S.M.A.R.T.) also plays an important role.

2) Make sure you understand why

Why do you want to get fit? Make it clear to yourself what your real motives are behind your project and the goal that is formulated on it. It is also about becoming aware of how important it is to you to achieve this goal.

With such a clear awareness of why something is important to you, you will be able to master difficult stretches much more easily. How exactly you best find your why, I wrote the following article some time ago:

If you don’t know your why, you will never achieve your goals

Admittedly, this is quite a provocative title. Of course, it will be possible to achieve one goal or another even with an unclear why. However, you make your life a lot easier if you get this clarity about your true inner drives.

3) Make a realistic plan

Now that you know what you want to achieve and why, you can now think about what you should do when to achieve your fitness goal.

Only now does it really make sense to think about what you should do specifically for it. When and how often should you always do which sport? What specific changes should you make to your diet?

Think of a realistically feasible plan for you, when you want to implement which changes in your life. You don’t have to work out the plan down to the last detail. You can still do that a good bit on the way to your desired fitness.

I strongly advise you to set some intermediate goals on the way to your big goal. This makes the route more manageable if you divide it into small, easily digestible bites

4) Create and change your habits

If you feared that you would need discipline and an iron will above all if you want to get fitter, then I can reassure you. In my opinion, discipline is totally overrated when it comes to achieving long-term goals and making changes.

You can set short-term impulses very well with discipline, will and a high level of energy. However, when it comes to big goals, the long term is important. Getting fit is definitely a long-term endeavor. To rely on your own discipline is not particularly smart. This requires a lot of willpower and energy and you don’t have an infinite amount of that.

Instead, you should focus on changing your habits and / or creating new good habits in a targeted manner. Do this one little at a time. In this way, you build up small autopilots step by step, which slowly but surely bring you closer and closer to your desired fitness.

5) Get support

When you do something, it will (almost) always be easier for you if other people are also involved in some way. They can be experts from whom you can get advice. This can be your friends and relatives, whom you tell about your goals and report on your progress. You have many options to get others on board.

The best option, however, is probably to look for a training partner and set a common goal for you. There are many good reasons for a training partner . Don’t try to go it alone when you have the opportunity to push each other towards your goals with another person!

6) Face your weaker self

The reason why you are currently not as fit as you would like to be certainly has various reasons. However, your inner weaker self always plays a role. You should therefore definitely deal with this. He can be your enemy, but also your ally on the way to your goals.

You should therefore take a look at my book, den Bastard Killer , which I wrote in large parts especially for this purpose. With that I give you everything you need to deal with your inner weaker self.

7) Be patient!

You won’t become an Olympian overnight! If you haven’t been fit before and now want to get fit quickly, then I have to advise you to be patient. Getting fit is a long-term process. Of course, you can already achieve the first results in a few months. However, you shouldn’t expect miracles and make yourself aware that it is actually much more valuable to stay fit for a long time and without much effort.

Fitness doesn’t come overnight, but it can be done again very quickly if you are not patient and rely on stable long-term measures. For example, beginners in particular massively underestimate the muscle building duration and so-called crash diets are extremely popular, although they often provoke a yo-yo effect.

So be patient, have realistic expectations and take the long-term path to more fitness.

Your conclusion on getting fit

If you really want to get fit, then I believe that it is possible for you too. In fact, it’s easier than most think. At least that’s true if you are smart.

A lot can be achieved quickly, especially at the beginning, and then it’s about staying on the ball and focusing on the long term. I hope the seven steps will help you do just that.

By the way, these steps can be applied to any goal you set yourself. Something like that, they are the basis of the success of many successful people. So even if you are a bit skeptical at the moment, it is definitely worth trying it out at least once.

If you want to know more about it and a tried and tested “step by step” concept with which you can get your weaker self under control and achieve your goals more easily, you should take a look at my book, the Pig dog killer on.

I wish you all the best in getting fit!

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